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Since t
he dawn of civilization potters have sought and dug clay, shaped it with their bare hands and fired their pots making them durable and suitable for daily use.  It may seem that this antiquated approach to ceramics would have little, if any, chance of surviving in the twenty-first century.  However, this ancient art is still practiced in a pottery at the end of a lovely gravel lane just outside picturesque Cambridge, Wisconsin.

Cambridge Wood-fired Pottery was established with one simple purpose in mind: to make functional pots inspired by English, French, and Asian traditions. We begin by processing the clay, then turning each piece on the potter's wheel, and finally firing the pots in a large wood-burning kiln. This way of making pots pays respect to ancient traditions and produces pottery that is functional and connects us to our daily surroundings.

Hi. My name is Mark Skudlarek. I founded Cambridge Wood-fired Pottery in 1988.  I invite you to visit our showroom at the end of Tranquil Lane.  Appropriately named by my neighbor who farms the land that surrounds my pottery, Tranquil Lane (located one mile south of Cambridge off county road B) meanders through farm fields and woodland inhabited by whitetail deer, sandhill cranes and wild turkey. Click on the "Process" section of my site to get an idea of what you can see firsthand if you should ever drop by my shop.