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Todd Piker, who runs the Cornwall Bridge Pottery in Cornwall, Connecticut, is my friend and mentor. After returning from France, I apprenticed with him for four years. He was the single greatest influence on my life as a potter.

Mark Hewitt also worked with Todd Piker as well as with Michael Cardew. He has established himself as a highly respected potter in Pittsboro, North Carolina.

Nate Evans helped me at my shop while he was in high school. After completing an apprenticeship with Mark Hewitt, he and his wife Hallie Hite moved back to the Midwest and established their pottery in northwestern Iowa.

Matt Jones stopped at my shop while visiting his future wife Christine who was attending grad school in Madison. That stop led to an apprenticeship with Todd Piker. He established his pottery in the hills of western North Carolina in 1998.

Prisca Benson was my first apprentice. She approached me after an apprenticeship with a master potter in the mountain village of Koishiwara, Japan and worked with me for two years. She established her shop in Door County Wisconsin over four years ago.


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